Management and maintenance of public and private green

During our decades of experience, we have realized and taken care of large parks and small gardens, making sure to respect all ecosystems and the natural harmonies of the flora.

Keeping green areas, gardens, parks, tree-lined avenues, roadside greenery and public buildings efficient is part of our public green maintenance activities that must be carried out throughout the year. The routine maintenance includes mowing grass, pruning of hedges and shrubs, removing of spontaneous vegetation. The extraordinary maintenance, instead, includes pruning operations and cutting of potentially dangerous branches, the felling of plants and the planting of new plants.

The Municipality of Altamura in the province of Bari, airports of Bari and Foggia and military airport of Bari, the Villaggio Azzurro of Foggia, are our main areas of intervention for public green areas, air and land side, because we believe that the challenge for a more sustainable world also involves the beauty and care of the places in which we live.

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Altamura City