O&M: All the maintenance necessary for a photovoltaic system

We support our customers in every step of the productive process, from the development of the best project strategy, to the first installation, up to the management and maintenance that allows us to keep the photovoltaic system in full operation.

Our maintenance services allow us to anticipate possible disruptions following system anomalies, allowing us to intervene promptly. That’s why preventive maintenance activities are the central element of our maintenance services of a photovoltaic system. These interventions include regular visual and physical inspections, as well as frequency-specific verification activities of all key components.

These activities are aimed at maintaining the guarantees of the equipment and components and therefore reducing the possibility of failures also due to deterioration.

Our great experience in the technical field and the many results achieved in this sector, allow us to further optimize the maintenance procedures, precisely planning, in compliance with the O&M Best Practice directives, all our interventions. We share the specific intervention plan with each customer in order to guarantee seriousness and regularity in maintenance interventions.

The preventive maintenance of a photovoltaic system is the set of inspection activities that allow the system to always work in the best way, limiting the costs of energy production of the photovoltaic system.

The corrective maintenance is the full restoration of the system as a consequence of some anomalies on the photovoltaic system.

The predictive maintenance takes place when the forecast data of the photovoltaic system doesn’t meet the optimal parameters for correct functioning of the system.

The extraordinary maintenance of the photovoltaic system is required when there are events that include the operation of the entire system. For example, following a theft, a fire, modifications required by regulatory changes, tastes or wear of components, design errors.

O&M: operations to ensure optimal performance of the photovoltaic system

Enfo Service offers system management activities, through monitoring and reporting, guaranteeing correct functioning thanks to the supervision and remote control of the photovoltaic system. Furthermore, we deal with the document management of the photovoltaic system.

The monitoring activity is used to check the real-time performance of the photovoltaic system; but above all it is to prevent any malfunctions so that we can promptly intervene on the anomaly.

The reporting activity of a photovoltaic system is a very important activity since, thanks to data provided by the system, the technicians can determine the production trend of the system.

Thermographic of the photovoltaic system

Thermographic of the photovoltaic system
Through the use of equipment with infrared cameras, we evaluate the radiation emitted by the photovoltaic system, determining the operating temperature.

Management of the photovoltaic system

The technical asset management area includes all the technical and administrative requirements of the photovoltaic system, as indicated by the reference standards. Our services in this area, as for the rest of our consultancy, can be coordinated directly in the field. At Enfo Service, we have decided to combine our technical-financial management services with those already described in plant engineering and maintenance (08M), with the aim of optimizing both the system and its performance. Furthermore, our team of experts has developed a package of technical consultancy services to cover the entire life of a project and, therefore, the entire investment cycle.

This implies an excellent knowledge of the project and of what it should produce at any given moment, considering factors such as weather, seasons or resource degradation, so as to ensure the reliability of the energy infrastructure in the long term.