Repowering increases the power of the existing photovoltaic system

The repowering of the photovoltaic system is one of our activities on already-existing photovoltaic systems. With repowering the installed power of an existing photovoltaic system is increased, by expanding the photovoltaic system or improving its technological aspect, maintaining the incentive tariff only on the authorized nominal power. In order to implement the Repowering of a photovoltaic system, we need to inspect and analyse all the production data, so as to intervene in an optimal manner and improve the performance of the system.

Revamping is the technological updating of an existing photovoltaic system

The revamping of the photovoltaic system is one of our activity on already-existing photovoltaic system. The revamping activity consists in the technological modernization of a photovoltaic system, updating it with more recent and more performing technologies, maintaining the incentive on the entire energy production, without the need to expand the system.

Revamping is a real technological restyling which, on old system, can lead to an increase in energy production of 20%, maintaining the already authorized incentive rate. In this way the old system will become a new, cutting-edge and technologically advanced system, which can guarantee optimal operation for many more years.